Remotely measure the fill-level of containers

Small, battery-powered wireless sensors monitor each container’s fill level in real time. The sensors are easy to attach to virtually any container and begin automatically monitoring fill levels and usage immediately upon installation. Snapdata also offers a range of sensors to monitor propane, fuel oil and a variety of other markets.


Seamlessly collect and analyze data anywhere

This data is invaluable for both process control (industrial industries) and real time optimized fleet management (delivery or pickup).  Snapdata’s analytics site is designed to work on virtually any smartphone, tablet or computer so no special hardware or software is required.

  • Real time fill level status
  • Alerts for abnormal events (such as temperature & movement)
  • Predicted fill-up or pickup dates
  • Statistics
  • Planning tools

Be more efficient

For Process Control – You can automate process control in under served industries such as Agribusiness (grain silos, greenhouses, etc)  This provides better real time data for immediate optimized process control.  Forecasting and trend analysis provide predictability – allows for better supply chain management.

For Real Time Fleet Management – You can automatically provide a list of containers, schedules and routes to your drivers through your existing fleet management system. We offer an easy-to-use API for integrating information from the Snapdata servers directly into most ERP and fleet management systems available


Snapdata offers a compelling ROI to any organization that frequently picks up from or delivers to multiple customers. Advance knowledge of customer needs allows as much as 40% savings on logistics costs.

Your Data in the Cloud

All data from your network of sensors (both real time and historical data) is available immediately to any authorized user on any smartphone, tablet or computer. All data is stored on our secure cloud platform and is available to be exported into existing business intelligence platforms.


Eliminating just a few unnecessary stops on your truck routes can result in thousands of dollars of savings each month. We estimate many companies could reduce their logistics cost by as much as 40% while improving customer satisfaction.

24/7 Support

Our data analytics platform is available 24/7 and can be accessed real time from any location with a cellular data connection. Our technicians are also available 24/7 to assist you with technical issues.

Easily Export Data

All data belongs to your company. Your data can be readily exported in a variety of formats. We also offer an open API to allow real time data feeds to your existing software tools.


Our sensors are designed to meet the stringent demands of harsh environments with a minimum of maintenance.


What's Included

Snapdata is the complete solution for businesses wanting to save up to 40% in expenses. The sensor works with any container and any type of waste.

In most cases, no special installation parts or tools are required. Usually, our sensors attach through a small hole drilled in top of the waste container. In the case of propane sensors, the sensor attaches externally to the current gauge assembly.
As soon as the first sensor is installed, your company will begin receiving data through our analytics cloud.
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